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The following guidelines are to be followed before submission of an article on our Infrosoft portals.

Article Originality:

  1. Your article must be original and any sort of copyright is strictly prohibited.
  2. Your article should not have been taken from a public domain portals or purchased from any other source.
  3. If you hire a Professional writer to present your articles, you must have an exclusive license that allows only your name to be associated with the articles produced for you.
  4. Your article must not be a press release, medical letter, promotional copy or hype to promote a product.

General Content Requirements For A Article:

  1. Your article must be accurate.
  2. Your article must be informative i.e., it should include a brief introduction, causes, Symptoms and Sign, Diagnosis, Treatment details if it is written for the “Health Condition” section. Follow the same format for other Infrosoft articles submission e.g. News, New articles, Syndromes and know your Body sections.
  3. Quality of writing is expected and of high standard. Avoid using too many medical terms if the article is focused towards consumers.

Content Guidelines:

  1. We do not allow any unauthorized site links in the articles.
  2. Articles need not contain excessive hard line breaks.
  3. Related photographs are allowed for submission along with the article. With photographs, we assume that the contributor owns the copyright to have the photograph reproduced.
  4. Two or three samples of illustrations are allowed and not an original artwork.
  5. Infrosoft illustrator will provide additional Images required for an article on demand.

Legal Issue for submitting an article:

  1. Article containing any content that violates the law is strictly restricted from publishing.
  2. Article that have Religious or pornographic content or banned concepts will not be published
  3. You must warrant that any article you submit us is original and created by you, and it does not infringe upon the copyright or any other right of any person, and that you have not previously granted any rights of the content to any other person or organization for publication.
  4. Articles submitted for review and publication to us must not be submitted to other publications during our review process.
  5. If you sell your article body by including your URL or product pitch or blatant self-promotion, we will reject your article without notice.

Restrictions for an Article:

  1. We do not publish more than one copy of any article on our Infrosoft portals.
  2. Your article must not contain questionable concepts, false testimonies or irrelevant concepts.
  3. Article must not contain information on prohibited drugs, or information on banned alcohol-related products.
  4. Your article should not use any profanity.
  5. Article should not be testimonials or advertisements for products, therapies, and hospitals, or for a particular doctor.
  6. The title should not be repeated often in your article body
  7. We do not knowingly allow URLs in any of our articles that are banned by Google.

Autonomy for Article Presentation:

  1. There are no restrictions on word counts for your article.
  2. We allow any number of active URLs, in your article.
  3. You can have any number of content related keywords for your article.
  4. Our Infrosoft Editorial team considers story ideas as well as finished articles. On acceptance of your ideas our editors will work with you to develop and write the finished article.
  5. Articles of expert writers dealing with recent issues of medical field will be given priority.

Format Guidelines:

  1. Your article title can have upper and lower case letters with the first letter of the sentence, acronyms and proper nouns capitalized.
  2. Your article title must not end with a period.
  3. Refrain from excessive repetitive punctuation in your content.
  4. Usage of some HTML Tags like Bold, Italics, Underline, Paragraph break tag, Table alignment tag, Paragraph Intending tag, Ordered or Unordered list display, Mandatory fields are permitted in your article provided you have sound knowledge.
  5. Author name should not contain adjectives or nouns to be a part of it.
  6. Simple punctuation rules have to be checked before submitting an article.

Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Avoid submitting Microsoft Word smart quotes in your title.
  2. Articles are to be submitted electronically in a word processing or electronic mail file. We cannot accept typed or handwritten submissions.
  3. Disease Information articles should be sent to the Editorial team, along with a suggestion for the topical area to which the article is applicable.
  4. Your article must be in English written with proper sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization and grammar.
  5. Copyrights must be at the bottom of your article.
  6. Every article must have a description column carrying the highlight points of the article.
  7. Your keywords should be optimized based on the most commonly searched keywords. A maximum of 20 keyword can be used for each section of the article

Reference Style

The references in your article should follow a Vancouver Style

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Please do not submit more than one article at a time, as we have to give preference to all of our contributors.
  1. Please do not call to query the status of your article within a week of your submission.
  1. A brief description of the author's background, qualifications, education, works published, and related information should accompany the article.


Publishing rights for an Article:

  1. All content that appears on the site is vetted by our editorial board for quality and relevance, both to the executive audience and the scope of our site. 
  2. The selection, choice, display and review of articles that appear on Infrosoft.com are copyright to Infrosoft.com.
  3. Infrosoft reserves the right to reject any submission and to edit submissions for length, style, and clarity. Submissions will not be returned.

Contract Details:

  1. Submissions of articles or written works do not guarantee a payment or commission of any kind unless and otherwise stated in a written and signed contract between the author and our publishing team.
  2. Unfortunately, because of our limited budget, we are not able to pay royalty for the article providers.
  3. Infrosoft provides syndicated contents to portals and if any payment is made for your article, the revenue will be shared with the contributors

Optimization of the Article for other portals to link to it:

  1. Your article content should be Keyword Rich (Min of 7 per section).
  2. A short description of the article should be presented (Max of 200 characters)

Membership Details:

We only allow one author membership account per person, but you are allowed to have alternate author names under your account.

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