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Cinnamon and its Health Benefits
Date 07/05/11/12/01  Author Aparna  Hits 877  Language Global

Cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in those with Type II diabetes.

A more stable blood sugar level can make workouts more productive, and regulated cholesterol levels are a key point of good health.

The benefits of cinnamon can be achieved with just one teaspoon a day. This spice has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and, according to a study performed in 2003 at the Department of Human Nutrition of NWFP Agricultural University, can aid diabetics in stabilizing insulin levels. Researchers theorize that weight loss is boosted by cinnamon because it aids in the digestion of carbohydrates. Sprinkle it on your morning cereal, stir into coffee, or add to any baked goods.

It is stimulant, antiseptic, carminative, astringent, cinnamon is prescribed in powder and infusion and usually combined with other spices and herbs like when given in combination with honey helps in fat mobilization. Cinnamon can be added in the green tea, to give your tea a flavor and at the same time medicinal qualities improves immunity, and protects against common cold and helps in fat burning by increasing the BMR.

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