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Questions to your special one
Date 26/08/11/07/01  Author Ramcruise  Hits 798  Language Global

Here are some of the questions that you can ask to your fiancé, fiancée, girl friend, boy friend and newly married. Remember this is not a typical job interview, so please don’t expect questions like “Tell me something about yourself”, “Sell Yourself” and so on.

 v  Are you a people's person or do you prefer your own company?
v  Are you afraid of ghosts?
v  Can you dance? Do you like dancing?
v  Can you keep a secret?
v  Do you believe in marriage? Why?
v  Do you consider yourself lazy?
v  Do you drink?
v  Do you have a role model?
v  Do you have any siblings? If yes, are they older/younger to you? Are they male or female?
v  Do you have many friends? Are you in touch with friends from school/college? How close are you?
v  Do you like cooking?
v  Do you like eating out at restaurants?
v  Do you like going window-shopping?
v  Do you like partying? Attending parties? Giving parties?
v  Do you like pets?
v  Do you like to go dancing?
v  Do you like to travel? Which has been your best vacation so far? What made it so special?
v  Do you love children?
v  Do you own or use a desktop computer or a laptop?
v  Do you read newspapers?
v  Do you read? Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact?
v  Do you smoke?
v  Have you ever been to a school or college reunion?
v  How do you like to celebrate your birthday?
v  How important is money to you?
v  How important is your family to you?
v  How long are you on the Internet every day?
v  How patient are you?
v  How romantic are you?
v  How tall do you want your mate to be?
v  If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world where would it be? What stops you?
v  What do your parents do?
v  What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
v  What is the most expensive gift you've ever bought for someone?
v  What is the most stupid thing you've ever done?
v  What is the movie you've loved the most and would watch again, given a choice? Why?
v  What is your favorite sport?
v  What is your idea of a perfect evening?
v  What's the best compliment you've ever received?
v  What's the highest educational qualification you obtained?
v  What's your earliest childhood memory?
v  When is your birthday?
v  When was the last time you cried
v  When was the last time you felt really proud of yourself?
v  Which body part are you more likely to notice first in someone of the opposite sex?
v  Which celebrity do you admire?
v  Which is your favorite magazine?
v  Which religion do you belong to?
v  Would you prefer not to marry someone who belongs to the same religion as you?
v  Would you rather live in a large urban city, a small town or in the countryside? Why?
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