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Vegetarian Diet for Travellers
Date 10/08/11/06/01  Author Priya  Hits 577  Language Global

So, its summer time and you are all ready to go on a vacation to enjoy your holidays. After packing your clothes and other travel necessities, its now time to plan what you will eat while travelling, especially when you are energy deficient. 

There is a special care needs to be given to the foods you consume a day before travelling and on the day of travelling. Wrong selection of foods while travelling and before you travel could make you sick and your journey uncomfortable due to unpleasant consequences. To have a grand vacation or travel trip doesn’t mean that you forget about your nutritious needs and plunge yourself to a treat. Keep in mind that when you travel your body uses much energy because of never ending activities like strolling, walking and shopping.

So, there are some tips that will maintain your energy level while travelling till you reach your destination.

v  Foods which you can pack in your luggage-Non- perishable food items like fruit juices, dried fruits, vegetable sandwiches, nuts some fruits( like oranges and apples) and vegetables ( like carrots) are healthy items which can be packed easily, which will provide you the needed energy while travelling.

v  Fluids-Keep yourself hydrated because dehydration is the most common cause of diminished levels of energy. Drink plenty of water. Carry bottled water or fruit juices that are always better and healthier than alcohol, sodas or caffeine, which are dehydrating in nature. Water helps in better absorption of nutrients, keep up the oxygen level in body and keep you fresh and lively.

v  Dried fruits- Dry fruits like almonds, prunes, resins, dried peaches are easy to carry which are rich sources of energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals. But make sure they are not salted.

v  Chocolates and candies- Sugar candies give you an instant energy boost. And chocolates are considered to improve your mood, aids in digestion, improves longetivity and claimed to be an aphrodisiac. But go slow on these because they are rich in sugar, caffeine and fats opt for dark chocolates.

v  Fresh fruits and Vegetables- They are always a better snacking option because of their good energy levels. The fibre in fresh fruits make you feel full and their natural sweetness can easily satisfy a sweet tooth. Apples, oranges, pears, grape fruits can stay fresh for 4-5 days. Baby carrots and celery sticks are easy to carry vegetables.

v  Yogurt- It’s a summer delight as it keeps your stomach cool as well as helps in digestion.

v  While travelling avoid foods and drinks which produce gas within the body such as cabbage, beans, chickpeas, cauliflower, pulses, onions and carbonated drinks. These should be avoided day before and while travelling. Avoid very greasy and fried foods.

So, keep these tips in your mind as they will definitely keep up your energy level and reduce the stress of travel.

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