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Eating Habits of Kids
Date 11/05/11/05/50  Author Infrosoft Health Content Team  Hits 946  Language Global

While visit friends and relatives one thing I have noticed is kids being overfed by the parents, in form of fried stuff or regular meals full of ghee.

We Indians have the mentality that anything full of oil and ghee is good for kids and makes them healthy and strong. Which is of course a myth? Be it pakodas, chips, French fries, samosas or vadas, they make a regular fare in kids tiffin instead of the healthier options of fruits, vegetable, rice, daal, chappati etc.,

And we have seen the end result of these indulgences. Kids are becoming obese, overweight, lazy and have various other problems. Parents feel at least the child is eating something. And maybe as parents we are not patient enough to inculcate good eating habits. It saves our time and energy to serve them what they like to have most of the time, as we know that child is bound to finish the meal.

I visited a friend’s house whose kid takes French fries in tiffin everyday and while coming back from work she always bring samosas home. So can we really blame the kids for developing faulty eating habit? Question is where do we draw the line between so that it remains an occasional indulgence.

It is not only the fried stuff- but also the ghee also- that we are obsessed with. Even after putting the ghee while preparing daal/subzi, we add extra in the meal. But keeping in mind the general sedentary life style of kids is it advisable? It is not as if kids are spending their free time in outdoor activities, instead most of it is spent in front of TV or computer. So how can they digest this rich ghee/oil filled stuff? And the end result is overweight kids. But out of our love we ignore these basic rules of nutrition and put our kids to risk of obesity and heart problems in their adult life.

The need for the hour is a change of our mindset. First we have to understand that children don’t need fatty food instead they need healthy food. I am sure slowly we can bring bout this change if we try. I have changed my tiffin menu – for kids, now they get fried stuff in their tiffin but only occasionally and as a treat. Hope I am contributing my bit in improving my kids’ health.

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