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Hypertension is a major cause of stroke & heart attack. When the blood pressure remains consistently high and not just once twice is termed hypertension. Heredity factors, stress, kidney pathology, hormonal imbalance are some causes of hypertension. No causes can be found for more than 80% cases of hypertension. This kind of hypertension is called "Essential Hypertension".

Two parameters are used to measure the normal blood pressure. 1. Systolic Blood Pressure (upper), 2.Diastolic Blood Pressure (lower). Systolic Blood Pressure tells about the condition of the heart while diastolic blood pressure tells about the force that the heart has to work against.120/80mm of mercury, is the normal reading. But some doctors consider that 140/90 mm of mercury as normal blood pressure in young adults. 

Symptoms of Hypertension

v  Headache,

v  Chest tightness or pain 

v  Palpitation, 4Nose bleed, Profuse perspiration,

v  Tingling & numbness,

v  Muscle cramps.      

Do’s and Don’ts                        

v  Fear and anxiety can increase your blood pressure.  So don't be worried and afraid.

v  Stop salt for few days if your B.P. is very high. Later on switch to a healthful diet with less of salt and fat. 

v  Fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains rich in calcium and potassium and magnesium should be taken. 

v  Learn to recognize and tackle the stress. At work, don't accept unrealistic demands, always delegate work and set realistic goals. 

v  Learn time management and take regular exercise as activity reduces tension. Meditation and yoga help to achieve that. 

v  Make sure you get proper sleep. Regular meditation is very helpful. 

v  Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and back straight. 

v  Choose a word such as "AUM" and repeat it silently to yourself. 

v  Quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Walk everyday at least 30 minutes. 

v  Exercise under proper guidance. Do not overexert.  

Take Homeopathic medicine on the basis of totality of symptoms under a qualified doctor. Check up regularly.  
dr seema nigar alvi
Hypertension has fatl effects on the newborns ,particularly if the mother has had high blood pressure in gestational periods and even before pregnancy. Stress plays important factor in the development of hypertension.

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