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Piles and Treatment
Date 08/05/11/02/15  Author Infrosoft Health Content Team  Hits 1387  Language Global
Piles or hemorrhoids are abnormally enlarged and dilatated blood vessels (mainly veins) inside or on the out side of anus.


·         Heredity,

·         Straining during stool to expel constipated stool.

·         Low roughage diet.

·         Overpurgation and due to diarrhea, colitis, dysentery, etc.

·         Pregnancy,

·         Straining to urinate as seen in enlarged prostate gland or stricture of urethra.

·         Cancer of rectum.

·         Obesity can cause piles increasing rectal vein pressure.

·         Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause piles.

·       Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause piles increasing much pressure on the rectal veins.         


Ø  Painful or painless bleeding from anus.  

Ø  Blood splashes in pain as stool comes out. 

Ø  Mucus discharge and itching anus.

Ø  'AS IF NOT FINISH' sensation after stool.

Ø Prolapse of piles either they go back themselves or they have to be replaced manually.                         


Do’s and Don’ts

v  Don't strain at stool.

v  Avoid prolonged sitting on the toilet.

v  Don't strain at urination.

v  Get the condition treated that give rise to difficult urination.

v  Eat high roughage food and drink sufficient liquid to avoid constipation.

v  Loose weight,if overweight.

v  Avoid prolonged sitting at work.

v  Take hot baths to relieve the pain and itchiness.

v  Use moist wipes, instead of rough toilet paper.      


Consult Your Doctor

If there is bleeding per rectum, Pain with passage of stool.    


Homeopathic Treatment

Allopathy medicine offers a range of ointments to treat piles. These contain local anesthetics, astringents or steroids which may provide short term relief from discomfort but associated with serious side effects like eczema, sensitization of anal mucosa, rectal absorption and systemic side effects. These ointments do not cure the underlying cause of piles. As a result piles are not treated permanently and problem remains. Most of the surgical option have side effect in the form of severe post operative pain, infection, bleeding, formation of scar tissue, perineal abscess, fistula and so on.   

Homeopathic Treatment will cure the main cause of Piles. Why go for surgery, which is, complicated procedure disturbing physical, mental, emotional and economical planes when there is simple, gentle, permanent and the most harmless option in the form of homoeopathy?                         

Homoeopathy is not against surgery, which is an art and science in itself. Surgery is called forth in conditions where medicines have limited or no role. Piles have excellent treatment in Homoeopathy; surgery is not indicated at all.

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