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Erectile Dysfunction or Impotency
Date 08/05/11/02/02  Author Infrosoft Health Content Team  Hits 889  Language Global
Erectile Dysfunction means inability to attain or maintain an erection of penis adequate for the sexual satisfaction of both partners.


The main causes of erectile dysfunction are

1. Old age,

2. Diabetes,

3. Decreased blood flow to penis,

4. Hormonal imbalance,

5. Anxiety,

6. Side effect of some allopathic medicines, etc.



Either the problem is transient or appears occasionally problem persists or develops abruptly while masturbation is possible, satisfactory sexual intercourse is not.


Do’s and Don’ts

Masturbation does not lead to erectile dysfunction in later life. Most of the problems are in the mind rather than the penis. Learn to relax and enjoy the act of intercourse. Size is never important as only the first few inches of female vagina relays the correct sensation. 


If premature ejaculation is the problem, make sure you are relaxed before intercourse. Ask your partner to squeeze the bottom of the shaft of the penis just before you get the sensation of ejaculation. This pain impulse will delay the ejaculation. Don't hurry through the act. Go about it slowly for maximum rewards. Moderate exercise boosts energy level and increase physical awareness.   Yoga, meditation and massage help in relaxation. Tackle the problem with patience and partner's understanding.

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