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Septicemia in Newborns
Date 08/05/11/01/55  Author Infrosoft Health Content Team  Hits 997  Language Global
Newborns have increased risk of septicemia especially in the first seven days of the life. The symptoms of septicemia in newborns can be subtle and atypical. So newborns that develop infections can deteriorate very rapidly and they need to be observed very carefully.

The following symptoms raise a suspicion in the mind of a physcian that the child is suffering from septicemia.

1) Sleeping too much.

2) A sudden change in feeding behavior (has to be repeatedly awaken to nurse or cannot stay awake for feeding).

3) Inability to sustain sucking or nursing.

4) Perspiration during sleep.

5) Change in muscle tone (decreased or limp).

6) Decreased activity.

7) Change in colour(pale,bluish or gray arms or gray legs).

8) Fever above 100 degree F.

9) Low temperature that is 96 degree F.

10) Unusual crying, unusual moaning and unusual grunting.


A homoeopath should select a remedy for the patient of septicemia on the basis of Totality of Symptoms. He should become good repertories and should not select remedy on the basis of of one, two, three or four symptoms. However,  some important remedies for septicemia in newborns are-Ars.alb, Phosphorus, Crotalus horridus, Lachesis, Tarentula cubensis, Lobelia purpurascens etc.

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