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Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction. It happens when the drinker's bodies become so used to absorb large quantities of alcohol that they cannot function normally, when they do not drink.


Alcoholism develops over years of steadily increasing consumption. 
Abuse, delinquency, poor self-esteem and mostly peer pressure and to be "one of the crowd" are the common factors. Stress and an excuse to forget worries is another important factor (or excuse). 


Alcoholism is usually difficult to detect as the person himself never believes that he is dependent on alcohol. And signs can easily be masked by pretended or actual ignorance. 

The most important symptoms at the onset can be: 

1.    Continual craving for alcohol 

2.    An inability to drink moderately. 

3.    A need to drink more to get the same effect or "kick". Later the system

4.    ecomes dependent on alcohol and if he cannot get it, he suffers from

5.    ithdrawl symptoms such as feverishness, sleeplessness, disorientation,

6.    remors and hallucinations. 

7.    Chronic alcoholism can cause 

8.    Serious damage to the liver and pancreas. 

9.    Vitamin deficiencies and anaemias. 

10. Obesity. 

11. Brain damage like memory loss, gait changes, speech disturbances, etc. 

12. Hypertension and then stroke. 

13. Renal failure 

14. Lowered general resistance to infections. Psychological and social dysfunction leading to isolation, divorce, legal problems, employment problems, etc.  


 Do's & Don’ts 

Prevention is the best method of dealing with alcoholism. Set a daily limit and stick to it. Control social drinking by counting and measuring all drinks, even at home. Men should not exceed 4 units of alcohol per day and women should increase more than 2 units. One unit can be 285 ml beer, 115ml glass of wine or a 30 ml measure of spirits. Eat something while drinking as it slows down the absorption of alcohol. And avoid missing meals when you have had alcohol. If you meet friends in a pub, buy your own drinks rather than taking part in rounds. In fact, recognize and avoid people or places that encourage you to drink. 
Drink slowly and make every second drink non-alcoholic. 
Never drink and drive.

Ask if the drinking follows one or more of these patterns, if someone you know seems to be in danger of alcoholism.

1. Drinking in order to forget some problem or due to depression and anxiety. 
2. Occasional but uncontrolled drinking to the point of unconsciousness. 
3. Drinking small amounts through the day so that although the drinker is never drunk, he actually does not stop drinking for more than short periods. 
4. Actual full-time drinking evolving from social drinking. 

For help you can also contact the nearest branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Homoeopathic remedies may be used for Alcoholism but never try to self medicate. Homoeopathy is a science of symptoms and alcoholics are big liar. So it is very difficult to take out symptoms for true homoeopathic prescription. Remedy can be given to the patient who helps the doctor telling the right symptoms. 

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