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Bleeding from the Nose - Epistaxis
Date 08/05/11/01/18  Author Infrosoft Health Content Team  Hits 946  Language Global
Epistaxis means bleeding from the nose. It may be from one or both nostrils. If from one nostril it is generally a local cause if from both it may be a systemic cause. 


·         Spontaneous with no apparent reason.

·         May happen in summer. 

·         Local trauma nose picking seen in children.

·         Trauma to the nose, base of skull, foreign body when children push up rubber or paper which gets infected and then there is bleeding. 

·         Nasal disease recurrent colds, sinusitis, polyp, diphtheria septum deviation, tumors. 


§  Infective fevers- influenza, measles, typhoid, malaria, dengue, respiratory infections. 

§  Hypertension- arterial, venous in bronchitis. Blood disorders- cancer. 

§  Vitamin C deficiency, Vitamin B 12, folic acid deficiency. 

§  Vitamin K deficiency. 

§  Drug induced- heparin. 


  • Bleeding from the nose. 
  • Bleeding in back of throat & blood spitting. 
  • Gagging. 
  • Choking. 

Do's and Dont's 

  • Sit down. Do not lie down with head low. 
  • Press a cold cloth or ice around your nose 
  • Pinch your nose shut i.e. hold both nostrils below the bridge between your thumb and finger for 10 minutes. Breathe through your mouth. 
  • If bleeding doesn't stop place a cloth packing in the bleeding nostril, make sure there is no foreign body in the nostril. Roll a small cloth which is clean, make sure you don't push it too for into the nose. 
  • Once bleeding stops, place a cold cloth over nose and face. 
  • Remove the cloth packing after 30-60 minutes. Do not blow the nose, pick your nose, strains yourself or bend for 24 hours. 
  • Use petroleum jelly to help prevent further bleeding or drying. 
  • Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C supplement will help you. 

Consult your doctor 

If inspite of above measures bleeding doesn't stop. 

If you are a hypertensive. 

If you have had trauma to the head. 

If your complaint is recurrent further investigations may be needed 


Homeopathic Treatment

The most common homoeopathic remedies for Epistaxis are,

1. Phosphorus,

2. Arsenic Album,

3. Aconite,

4. Antim Crud,

5. Amon Carb,

6. Arnica mont,

7. Arsenic Album,

8. Belladonna,

9. Pulsatilla,

10. Merc. Sol.

But Homoeopathy is the science of symptoms. Every homoeopath should take out the correct symptoms for correct prescription and he should prescribe the remedy which covers the most of the symptoms.

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