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Dengue Fever: Prevention-Prognosis-Glossary-FAQs
Date 26/05/11/08/01  Author Dr. Seema Nigar Alvi  Hits 3878  Language Global
Dengue is an arthropod borne (mosquito) disease caused by arboviruses (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 or DEN-4). It is an acute illness and follows a benign course. 

Dengue Fever: Prevention

The prevention can be achieved by adopting and religiously following listed measures:

Ø    Use mosquito repellants to avoid mosquito bites.

Ø    Promoting use of mosquito nets.

Ø    Avoiding collection of stagnant water which acts as breeding grounds for the mosquito and increases chances of dengue infection.

Ø    Full-sleeved neutral coloured upper clothing and pants should be encouraged, to avoid mosquito bites.

Ø    Do not store water in open vessels. Always use containers with lids to collect water.

Ø    Do not let water collect in coolers and dry them if they are not being used.

Ø    Keeping the water storage containers clean and regular washes should be done as a routine practice.

Ø    Regular disinfection of the main water storage tank should be done to avoid development of mosquito larvae.

Dengue Fever: Prognosis

Some important points about the prognosis of dengue fever are as follows:

Ø  People with dengue, generally recuperate within few weeks. However, some may take a little longer.

Ø  Recovery is facilitated by aggressive fluid and electrolyte intake.

Ø  The individuals may have post-recovery weakness and depression.

Ø  Generally recovery from dengue is quite good; however the mortality rate may be as high as 15% in absence of proper medical concern.

Ø  Seek proper medical attention if dengue is suspected.

Dengue Fever: Glossary 

  • DHF: Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
  • DSS- Dengue Shock Syndrome
  • Encephalitis- inflammation of Brain
  • Neuropathy- damage of nerves of the peripheral nervous system
  • Antipyretics- anti fever medicines
  • Analgesics –painkillers
  • Thrombocytopenia- decreased platelet count
  • Myocarditis- inflammation of cardiac muscles
  • Myalgia- muscular pain
  • Arthralgia- joint pain
  • Incubation Period- it is defined as the time interval between invasion of an infectious agent and the appearance of first signs and symptoms of the disease in question.

Dengue Fever: FAQs 

1)      How can I differentiate dengue from other fevers?

The significant features that make it different from other fevers are presence of pain behind eyes, severe pain in joints and muscles, and skin rashes.

2)      After suffering from dengue can I it get again?

Yes. You can suffer from dengue again as there are four different strains of viruses. Infection from one strain does not prevent the occurrence of infection from the other.       

3)      Is Dengue transmitted from another person?

         No. Dengue is not transmitted from one individual to the other. The only mode of spread is via mosquito bite.

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