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Student Superstars
Date 16/04/17/08/50  Author Ramar Veluchamy  Hits 218  Language Global
Dream of each student is precious and it is essential to keep them safe. The research is an initiative to explore possibilities to establish a department in colleges for managing talents of generation Z students in order to achieve their non-academic career ambitions. 

Spotlighting every student is the primary objective of STM Projects. Such an aim might sound ideal but not impossible to implement. In order to unveil talents of each student, talent managers have to exert some out of the box ideas and efforts. They are expected to create an ecosystem to support talent management practices to the needs of generation Z students to realize their strengths and inspire them in a specific direction. Detailed project reports should be prepared by CEO aspirants to start the process. They should be motivated by their parents, teachers, management, and also friends. To develop the competencies required to be an entrepreneur, workshops, incubators and student clubs can be started. As creating an ecosystem and ensuring the effectiveness of such system, automating the process of talent management projects is expected. The role and responsibilities of each stake holder or association should be defined and informed. As creating a brand is important, sustainability is also equally important. If there is no sustainability, there is no success. Personal and academic evaluation are required to evaluate the shortcomings; students face on the personal as well as academic level individually and give their honest feedbacks to the students so that they are capable of making their own decisions wisely but with a sense of responsibility. Coming to behavioural expectations, it is a two way road where the talent managers should be knowledgeable about career prospects and should focus on preparing the students to do what is required. Also, the students should try to understand the position of talent managers, pressure from the school board and help them in reaching a specific goal by cooperating with them at every step because in the end, it is for the student’s benefit. Every Individual has personal and professional aspirations which need to be motivated and guided to mould their aspirations in the right form. It is the duty of the talent managers to help the students realize the difference between the two terms and pay attention to their desires wholeheartedly.

Competency Development

It is essential to identify the basic competencies for improvement of students to become a skilled performer in their way to become entrepreneurs. In late 90, there was lack of opportunities for real problem analysis and solving, and then the need of competencies is felt. As employability skills are essential to get, to be successful a job and to get a new job, the employing-ability skills are mandatory for any student who would like to become a student CEO. It is important for the students to get clarity about the existing skills and skills to be acquired to be a successful entrepreneur.  Once the potential competencies of students starts budding from its roots to a semi-professional level, there is a need of competitive environment which provides them a platform to showcase talents, whether it is a painting competition or something involving technical skills for a hacker or programmer, hence developing potential competencies but also keeping norms to avoid demoralization due to not winning. Whatever talent students possess, the talent manager’s job is to inspire the students to participate in such entrepreneurship competitions where they showcase their natural abilities to become an entrepreneur. There is a dire need to create and organize such projects and motivate students to take part in them where they are grouped with people with similar interests. By this, they will learn new ideas to implement and team skills will be a top priority. This involves group discussions and organizing case study sessions for students where they use their knowledge to come up with diverse solutions to a given scenario. The table below shows some potential competencies can be developed. The development potential indicates how easily or more difficult one can develop competencies to become a student entrepreneur.

Student Clubs

Collaborations have never put any down but only made people grow further. Be it, business collaboration or the one with clubs. When students come together, collaborate and share their ideas, they not only grow but they are capable of making it big in anything they decide to take care of. It can be a Student Club or a NGO. The bigger picture that is important is the success of the group and the project as a whole and not as an individual. Creation of talent department in colleges, headed by the teachers or mentors who are capable enough to enlighten students can help them to hone their skills to become an entrepreneur.

Role of Talent Managers

Talent Managers are required to make the students to realize that importance of entrepreneurship for the society. It is important to create a culture of success which is the responsibility of talent managers to prepare students. Success is just a habit and not a long lost dream, praise the aspirants for their efforts and extend your support. Dealing with students with honesty and compassion is inevitable while involving in this process of creating student entrepreneurs.

Student Entrepreneurship

The outcome of achieving talent excellence is the main goal of the process where students with similar interests come together to realize their dreams by working together and winning together. Every student is unique based on their potential talents and passion. Like quality of education, quality of the job is also equally important. Choosing a career should be based on either natural talents or interest. There is a difference between academic dreams and non academic dreams. In childhood, pupils can say that they want to become a doctor or an engineer. If they say the same in colleges also, then they must be informed about various career opportunities. Generation Z students should be informed all possible career opportunities. If students join in job where they can use their domain knowledge, it is called as academic dream. If they would to work in a domain which is not related to their curriculum, it is called as non academic dream. We do not need to ask the question, how many of them want to become a CEO. Almost all of them want to become an entrepreneur. They want to become but they believe that they can’t achieve it. They are habituated to equip their skills to become an employee, not an employer. In colleges also, everybody talks about employability skills, not employing ability skills. This study is creating student entrepreneurs at educational institutions through talent management practices. To create and to establish any brand, entrepreneurs need minimum of 3 to 4 years of time. If they immediately start a company after their graduation, they will not be recruited afterwards in companies for having entrepreneurial mindset. In case they start a company after some years of industrial experience, they will be having dependents and they should have minimum amount for family expenses. If the students became as successful entrepreneurs, they have the possibilities to provide job opportunities for their own class mates. Dream jobs should be decided based on choices not based on chances. Industrial requirements are jobs, not dream jobs. This generation Z students have clarity about what they want to do. They should be directed to take up their passion as their career roles. If they have the interest and willingness to work, they can acquire the skills required to perform the job. Graduate education allows distinct methods of imparting specific skills to the students. It allows students to create competency profile of their expected career and develop as an upright mature deep in thought professional. There are few questions which can be raised, what are the basic competencies required to be a successful CEOs? What are the opportunities to grow the entrepreneurial competences in College life? Today the answer relies not only on basic curriculum but also on critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving, and working on real location. To integrate the knowledge and experience in the courses of engineering reinforcing the mentor role of the teacher, designing evaluation criteria different for the course and experiencing and identifying the improvement of competences during the learning process. 

Students born on or after 1995 are called as Generation Z and also called as Plurals or Millennials. Dreams of students should come from the heart, not from the brain. Salary is not the only factor to decide quality of the job. Quality of the work life is also an important factor to decide the quality of the job. Individual consideration is not so easy in educational institutions but clusters can be formed based on the students’ career objectives. Students’ Talent Management can be implemented in first year of their campus life. There is always a tug of war between what students want to do and what they can do. Those who are Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) today were Students. Only time gives them experience and opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs. There are no issues even if the students fail after they tried to become an entrepreneur in their campus life. They have other options job and higher studies. If any student achieves his or her dream then they should be called as Student Superstar. During the process of this research, we have declared 14 students as Superstars who started their companies or published their research papers in Scopus indexed journals. WhatsApp groups can be formed for not only Student CEOs but also for any specific objective for a group of pupils. UPSC gang, MBA gang, MS gang, Gang of Creatives have been created along with CEO gang.

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