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Endometriosis: Treatment
Date 07/11/11/06/38  Author Sana  Hits 1052  Language Global
As far as the treatment goes there is no sure shot cure available.

Alleviation of the associated symptoms is the only remedy.

The pain involved in intercourse or during menstruation can be relieved by analgesics or pain killers.

Fertility inducing drugs are give to increase the chances of conception.

Certain hormonal medications like contraceptive pills, Lupron, danazol and progesterone are also given by your gynaecologist.

Laparascopy may be done to remove the troubling endometrial tissue. In severe cases hysterectomy with bilateral salpigo-oophrectomy is done to provide relieve.


Endometriosis - Glossary

Painful intercourse

Menometrorrhagia- Heavy bleeding in between two cycles

Menorrhagia- Heavy blood flow during menstruation

Dysmenorrhoea- Painful menstruation

Chocolate Cyst- When endometrial tissue develops in ovaries, the blood gets accumulated in a cyst like structure known as chocolate cyst of ovary.

Hypomenorrhoea- Scanty menstruation.

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