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Eye Lid Problems
Date 16/07/11/05/48  Author Dr. Namrata Shah  Hits 3704  Language Global
In our day to day life the most frequent complaints which an eye doctor faces pertain to eyelid problems. The most frequent eye ailments are blepharitis, chalazion and stye.

The important structures protecting the eyes and acting like shutters are the Eye Lids. Eyelids serve the crucial functions of tear drainage and lubrication of eyes. Two oil secreting glands are present which produce oil and are responsible for the tear film. Upper eyelid is bigger than the lower one and has small hair growing from the outer margins-the eyelashes. The glands present on these eyelashes open into the inner margin of the lid as evident in the picture.

Eyelids problem may range from swelling or edema to mal-positions, drooping or twitching of lids.  The symptoms common to nearly all eye problems are itching, lacrimation, eye irritation, redness, etc.

A list of common problems of eyelids is as follows:

 ·        Chalazion
 ·        Stye
 ·        Cellulitis
 ·        Entropion
 ·        Drooping
 ·        Lid tumors
 ·        Allergic lid edema 
 ·        Ectropion
 ·        Blepharitis

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